Oxfordshire Road Race League

The Oxfordshire Road Race League is a local series of races for amateur bike racers. This year's league kicks off on 14th May and features 9 races put on by the 8 organising clubs.

I went along to one of the 2015 events on the Woodcote circuit and took a few photos...

It all starts here - 80 signatures for 80 race numbers in a village hall.

The bunch gathers for the roll out.

All together for the first lap, with the G.S. Henley boys on the front in their home race.

Waiting for the bunch between laps - I love this road, one of my favourite local routes through the Oxfordshire countryside. It's a bit grey today, but it can look fantastic on a sunny day.

Second time round and two riders break away whilst the peloton cruises on behind.

Onto the penultimate lap (there are five in total) and the race is really on now. Full bore on the front of the bunch.

After watching four laps from various locations I had to hot-foot it to the finish line for the fifth to fulfil my volunteer duties (my local club were organising this event).