Out now: The Road, a photo book


The Road - England to New Zealand by Bicycle 

(June 2013)

180 pages, 8 x 10 inch landscape format. 180 photographs and 3000 words.

I'm excited to announce that 'The Road'  is now available, a photo book documenting a 17,000 mile bicycle journey from England to New Zealand.

Both the journey and the creation of the book have been real labours of love - 20 months spent cycling and 6 months spent compiling photographs and stories on wide format spreads.

The final stage has involved investigating print on demand services and paper types, before eventually deciding on a combination able to produce a book that looks and feels great in the hand. I have the first couple of printed books here in front of me and I'm delighted with the finished product! Sitting down with an actual book of photographs is a completely different experience to viewing them onscreen, and one I really enjoy. 

The print version is available as a softcover book and can be shipped worldwide. The eBook version is delivered as a high resolution PDF file which looks great on computers, iPads, iPhones etc. Both versions contain the same content, and for anyone interested in obtaining a copy, ordering details can be found below. I hope you enjoy it!


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