Ten from the Tour Series

Yesterday evening the Tour Series came to Canary Wharf.  It's a eleven round televised series with 10 British professional cycling teams racing on short lap circuits of various town and city centres around Britain. 

 The Canary Wharf circuit was a simple loop of less than a mile around the famous tower at One Canada Square.

The pace was high from the start with the riders strung out in a long thin line - in a race of just over 60 minutes there's no time for relaxing.


It's an impressive backdrop for a street circuit race.

The circuit was essentially a rectangle with two long straights. With no real obstacles, speeds were high - the average speed for the whole race was over 30mph. Try that at home!

The pack flies past incredibly quickly - blink and you'll likely miss it.  Fortunately the multiple lap format means you only have to wait just over a minute to get another chance.

A peloton full of expensive carbon fibre wheels thundering past at speed makes a substantial noise.

The effort starts to show on the faces of some riders as they fight to hold the wheel in front.

Every now and then a rider would be ejected from the back of the pack, having reached their limit and unable to maintain the relentless pace any longer.

A series of intermediate sprints injects some spice into the middle of the race.  Here Tom Scully (in the golden points leader's jersey) outsprints a rider from team UK Youth to add more points to his total.

All in all it's a fun evening of entertainment - a chance to see lots of fast racing up close. It'll be on ITV 4 tonight (Friday 7th June) at 10pm or tomorrow at 8am.