A winter's dawn in Richmond Park

Richmond Park is possibly the best thing about south west London - a place to escape the busy city streets and feel like you're in the countryside for a little while.  The park is at it's best first thing in the morning as the sun's rising and before cars are allowed in.  There were clear skies forecast one morning this week so I set the alarm painfully early and headed in with my camera.

It was mega cold but totally worth it (now I think about it, most of my recent photos have involved freezing my a*se off!) The sight of the massive orange sun popping up over the horizon was magic, the dawn light began filtering through the trees and frost covered every surface.  A small herd of deer strolled past, munching their way through the morning - a few hundred wild deer freely roam the park.  Two young stags started rutting shortly after which was an impressive sight, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately...) I couldn't get close enough to capture the action with my wide angle lens.

Here's a selection of the photos I came back with - click on an thumbail to enlarge and scroll through.