Andalucia. Even in late October it's a hot place that doesn't look like it's seen too much rain... evidenced by some of the plant life.

A more traditional piece of vegetation, the ubiquitous Andalucian orange (although not yet ripe enough to actually be orange).

The land is pretty sparsely populated with rugged hills in all directions...


...occasionally sliced in two by a road. A cyclist's heaven.


There's barely a flat metre to pedal so the chance for a café con leche in a small town is rarely turned down.


Whitewash buildings and the inevitable church.

Refreshed and contemplating heading back out into the rolling countryside...

...and back to the ranch.

Soaking up the Spanish sun.

Pomegranates are part of the local produce.

It took some hard graft to clear these orange terraces, which were massively overgrown and stopping the trees from flourishing.

The bigger chunks of cleared wood were then chopped and stacked to make a stash of firewood for the winter.

Sunset over the newly cleared terrace.

The layers of hills are transformed by the evening light.

No better way to spend an evening than watching the dancing flames. Even if it did burn through loads of those logs that took ages to cut!