London at night

One evening a few weeks ago I took a wrong turn whilst cycling an unfamiliar route home. I found myself in a one-way system before being spat out over Waterloo Bridge, forcing me across the river and away from home. Initially I was annoyed at my stupid navigational error, but my frustration was soon forgotten as I emerged from the built up city streets and started crossing the water. LOOK AT THAT VIEW! I’d completely forgotten – the views right and left from Waterloo Bridge at night have long been my favourite views in London, but I hadn’t seen them for years. This little episode inspired me to go back another day with my camera to try and take some cool shots.


The usual route home – weave through built up streets before blasting down the embankment as shown here. A simple and (relatively) free flowing expressway home.


My preferred route home is the most efficient path from A to B, hence why I never normally cycle over Waterloo Bridge. That’s a shame, but at least it means I haven’t got bored of the view. The first glance to the side whilst riding onto the bridge hints at a decent view beginning to emerge…


Once out in the middle it hits you – the space, the huge view, the famous landmarks, the lights, the colours. It’s rare to have a clear view over this sort of distance within the confines of London.


So much for the eyes to take in, a thousand lights and buildings all glowing under the night sky.


The other side isn’t bad either. Unfortunately I’d chosen one of the coldest nights of the winter and forgotten to bring any decent warm clothes. Result = I froze myself to the bone standing on a breezy sub-zero bridge! I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes as I made my way home.


I decided to head out for another round of night/bridge photos a few weeks later, this time near Tower Bridge (and equipped with a decent coat, hat and gloves!) I stood here for ages trying to get a clear shot, but a load of tourists (perhaps fooled by my wide-angle lens) kept walking into my frame. Although when this Japenese girl managed to stay fairly still for the 15 second exposure I decided to go with it – I quite like having her there in the corner, firing away on her own camera.


London’s most famous bridge – rammed full of traffic and tourists.


Pretty cool neon underlighting…


The newly built ‘Shard’ sticks out above the rest of London’s skyline. I hadn’t noticed the bright colours illuminating HMS Belfast and London Bridge in the distance before tonight. Interesting choices!


One last shot before heading home – walking through the shiny new More London complex on my way to the station.