A new project


One of the things I miss most after returning from 20 months cycling across the world is the daily chance to create and share photographs.  On the bike I saw new and interesting things to shoot most days, and had a fun outlet for the results via the blog.  My camera would never be beyond arm's reach, and the combination of taking photos and editing the results became an enjoyable part of the daily routine. Now I'm back home though, photography has slipped from the focus of my attentions - life is busy and full of distractions, I see the same things everyday on my commute, and more often than not my camera is left at home. This is my fault, of course - I live in London which has limitless potential for photos, and in any case great photos can be made almost anywhere given a bit of creativity and imagination.  So this new blog marks the start of a renewed effort from me, both to take more photos and to share the results.

First post proper to come shortly.